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Preparing Visitors

Our little L. was diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia at birth. She was fitted for the Pavlik Harness at 5 weeks and wore the harness and a Rhino Brace for a total of 10 weeks full time. She adjusted to wearing the harness in a matter of days and it took us about a week to get used to our new norm.

But as many of you know when you have a brand new baby at home, especially when it’s your first child, friends and family want to come visit right away. Of course, we welcomed the visitors. But, I was nervous about opening the front door carrying little L. in what looked like a Victorian torture device and scaring our company.

One of our first visits was from my brother-in-law, his wife and young son who were visiting from out of state. Once we’d set up our plans for their visit, I texted them a picture of L. in the harness with a giant smile on her face to show their son. I reiterated that the harness did not cause her any pain or discomfort. I explained that it was like a brace you would wear on your ankle or wrist following a sprain, and it was designed to help her have healthy hips. I wanted them to be able to visualize her in her harness so that they would feel comfortable and know what to expect.

I was very thorough with them for the sake of my nephew. I didn’t want him to worry about L. or think that something was terribly wrong. The visit went so smoothly that I decided to do the same steps to prepare visitors each time. Once that was done, I was be able to relax and enjoy the visits, focusing on L. and not on her Hip Dysplasia.

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