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Top 5 Clothing-Related Items for Baby in Pavlik Harness

Our little L. was in the Pavlik Harness for about 6 weeks starting at 5 weeks of age for 23 hours a day. The following are some of the most helpful clothing items we purchased for her while she was in it. L. was allowed to have clothing underneath her harness, please confirm with your Orthopedic Surgeon that clothing is okay in your little one’s case as well. Some of these items are easier than most to put on underneath the harness without removing the harness completely.

screen-shot-2016-12-02-at-7-15-10-am1. These adorable side snap onesies were amazing while L. was in the harness. It made quick changes without removing the harness possible in case of spit up or bathroom accident that required mid-day changing. The side snaps make it so easy to pull up and off her head and short sleeves made it easier to remove from her arms. In the early days of L. being in her harness, I was apprehensive to remove the harness and these onesies were great because I removed one strap and arm at a time, replacing the strap before moving to the next side. These onesies are also significantly easier to put on without taking the harness off. I’d also recommend getting onesies one size up so that there is extra room to pull and stretch it into place if keeping the harness on.

Click here to order the Skip Hop Baby Side-Snap Bodysuit Set (affiliate link).


2. These Carter’s long-sleeved kimono shirts are also amazing. The side snap allows you to dress and undress your little one without having to pull the shirt over his/her head. This makes it so much easier for a quicker change while leaving the harness on. I’d recommend buying shirts a size up to make it easier to dress your little one if keeping the harness on. Click here to purchase these Carter’s shirts (affiliate link).



3. I purchased the Gellwhy Baby Cartoon Animal knee-high socks as soon as L. was fitted for the harness. My husband and I both have sensitive skin, so I knew we would need something underneath the leg straps to protect her skin. These socks are not only adorable, the faces up top came up over her knees and made for an adorable outfit while she was in the harness. I realized that L. was going to miss out on wearing a lot of her newborn-3 month wardrobe due to being in the harness, but these socks somehow made me feel better about it. Click here to purchase these awesome socks (affiliate link)!


4. Similar to the knee-high socks, these adorable leg warmers are also great for colder weather and to protect a little one’s skin from the leg straps of the Pavlik Harness. Though they don’t cover the feet themselves, the little sock that is attached to the harness provides a thin barrier. For cold weather, you can always put these under or even over the leg straps and a second pair of socks over them. Click here to purchase these awesome Elesa Miracle leg warmers (affiliate link).


5. Dreft Stain Remover had been a clothing saver for us. It so simple to treat all kinds of stains on clothing and on the harness itself. As soon as a clothing item is stained I remove it and treat it with Dreft. Then I soak it in hot water and hand wash in the sink with baby detergent. This has saved so many items of clothes from permanent stains.

I also used Dreft stain remover on the harness itself along with a toothbrush, usually free ones from the dentist. L. was in the harness 23 hours a day, so if I needed to spot clean the harness, I would do that during her hour out. I used a hair dryer on a cold setting to dry it. As much as possible I avoided immersing the harness in water because it took so long to dry.

Click here to buy Dreft Stain Remover (affiliate link).


Please leave a comment with any additional helpful items for a baby in the Pavlik Harness. 

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