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Officially Too Hip for Dysplasia


We are officially TOO HIP FOR DYSPLASIA!

After 10 long weeks, our hip journey is over. I am so grateful that L. responded well to treatments that were the least restrictive options. I am so thankful that her hip “click” was detected at birth and that we were able to have her first ultrasound done within weeks of bringing her home.

Even on her first days in the Pavlik Harness at 5 weeks old, I knew that at some point this journey would be over and that I would be capturing her picture wearing a “Too Hip for Dysplasia” outfit (pictured above).

As we neared the end of her treatment, I worried from time to time about the possibility of regression in the future. But I told myself, that is something we deal with if it happens. Not to be anxious about that now when we’ve been told we’re in the clear. The 3 week follow up after we weaned L. off the Rhino Brace revealed continued success. Our next step is the 6-month x-ray, which is next month.

While L. was in the harness and then the brace, I also worried about her reaching different physical and developmental milestones, for example rolling over. One week out of the brace, L. rolled from stomach to back for the first time. She’s been out of the brace for about two months now and she rolls over non-stop. Goodbye tummy time!

When I was a graduate student we had a massive project due right before the winter break. I spent countless hours developing it, and meeting my my professors for feedback, and then revising and editing it. Then just like that it was submitted and done. One of my advisors said to me, “Be sure to take the time to celebrate your accomplishment. If you don’t take the time to acknowledge all the hard work and what you have achieved now, you run the risk of living your life as a giant checklist. Moving from one item to the next. Take the time to reflect on the journey.”

When we received the news that L.’s hips were normal, we were ecstatic. I remembered what my advisor said to me years ago. As much as I want to put L.’s hip dysplasia behind us and I know that she will not remember her time spent in the harness or brace. This journey has become a huge part of who I am as a parent today. I feel compelled to help others through their own journeys and to share what I have learned along the way. Hence this blog.


  1. Marisela V. Marisela V.

    I loved your blog posts! I just started my journey with my daughter who is 6 weeks old and today is day 3… everything i read is exactly what we are going through. It was like if I was writing it… i hope we get to be able to say we are too hip for dysplasia one day! We have a 1 week appointment monday and hoping to get good news that we can remove harness for 1 hour a day… thank you for the great tips and for sharing your story. It makes me feel better i am not alone and gives me hope for the future!

    • the hip fairy the hip fairy

      I’m so glad that you are finding my posts useful. It’s a difficult journey, but it gets so much easier. I found that at first I was anxious for the doctors to tell me should could come out of the harness completely, but over time I learned to just hope for improvement. As long as the harness/brace was working, progress was being made, we were on the right track.

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