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A Suitable Bouncer


As new parents, we spent the first weeks of L.’s life experimenting with the different places she would sit and even possibly nap. The Rock ‘n Play was awesome because it provided great support for her. It vibrated her gently and we could also rock her in it. When L. was placed in the Pavlik harness at 5 weeks of age, our orthopedic surgeon said it was fine to continue to use the Rock ‘n Play.  Even with an extra blanket underneath her it seemed to still push her legs together ever so slightly and I did not feel comfortable taking any risks when it came to her treatment.

The Fisher-Price Bouncer was a great alternative. The seat of the bouncer was wide enough to accommodate L. while she was in the Pavlik harness and later the Rhino Brace. Though the brace is more rigid and left less opportunity for her legs to be pushed together in an undesirable position. The bouncer includes a vibration feature as well as soft, relaxing music. L. was also very intrigued by the two forest creatures that hung from the small mobile overhead. This bouncer does not move on its own, however it will move when the baby moves. It is not upright and does not put pressure on the legs or hips the way a more traditional bouncer or exersaucer does.

The Fisher-Price Bouncer is battery operated and runs for 20-minutes before turning itself off. It’s easy to move and an ideal place for L. to sit independently.

Click here to purchase the Fisher-Price Bouncer (affiliate link).

What items do you find useful for propping up your little hippy babies? Where does you hippy baby nap?


  1. Norah Norah

    Our son is 3 months old. We use the Little Tikes bouncer. It leaves enough space for his legs to spread in his pavlick harness and us easy to move around. After he starts getting restless in it, we put the vibration on that he likes for another 10 min. He naps and sleeps on boppies as it offers the best support for his legs that we have found.

    Thanks for the blog- great post!

    • the hip fairy the hip fairy

      Yes! These bouncers are great and the boppy lounger was one of the best purchases we made.

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