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Tummy Time

L. went into the Pavlik harness at 5 weeks, which means that we did not have an established tummy time routine yet. She didn’t really enjoy being placed on her stomach directly on the floor. She preferred laying stomach to our chests and practiced lifting up her head that way. When we found out that she would be wearing the harness, I asked our pediatrician about tummy time. I worried about physical development delays that L.’s hip dysplasia treatment could potentially cause. Her doctor said he had no idea if she would be able to do tummy time while in the harness. I asked the woman who fit L. in the harness at the orthotics place and she said no to tummy time on the floor, but positions like airplane, which are more supported were okay as was lying stomach to chest. So for the duration of wearing the harness, tummy time was done mainly on us.

When L. was switched into the Rhino Brace, tummy time was on. The brace held her hips in the perfect position which made me much more comfortable when it came to handling her. I would plop her down on her belly every chance I got for as long as she would tolerate it. At first I propped her up on her stomach on her boppy lounger for extra cushioning, but soon after I moved her to the floor. I frequently placed a fun toy to capture her attention in front of her to help build her stamina. Cue what I lovingly refer to as “the crack fish.”

In all honesty, when L. turned about 12 weeks or so, something clicked and she demonstrated much more interest in lifting her head and looking around. She showed a considerable increase in head and neck strength and I don’t know how much of it had to do with tummy time. L. rolled from tummy to back the week after she came out of the Rhino Brace at 4 months.

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How do you manage tummy time for your hippy baby?

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