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Baby “Wearing”


Soon after L. was placed in the Pavlik Harness, we took to baby “wearing.” The Ergo 360¬†was a lifesaver. (According to the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, the Ergo 360 is deemed one of many “hip healthy” products. )

Some Ergo carriers recommend using the infant insert up to 4-6 months, or when the baby has strong head/neck control.¬†According to our pediatric orthopedic surgeon the insert is not “hip healthy” because it presses the little one’s legs together in order to fit inside it. We decided to use the carrier without the insert, a decision we felt comfortable with as L. seemed comfortable and well supported in it.

In addition to being very convenient, baby “wearing” allowed us to hold our little one close in a way that was more difficult now that she was in a harness. She found it very comfortable and regularly took naps while on strolls in her Ergo carrier. For a complete list of “hip-healthy” carriers visit the International Hip Dysplasia Institute’s website.

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What wraps or structured carriers do you use with your hippy baby?

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